The objective of this study is to briefly detail the concept of the need to develop regions related to intelligence in the brain, specifically the frontal lobe, and place intelligence as a determinant for better mental health. The information that reaches the brain through the sensory nerves is processed and goes through limbic and paralimbic structures to acquire emotional meaning, heading to regions such as the cerebral cortex for decision making that trigger autonomous actions dependent on the frontal or prefrontal cortex.

Decision making requires previously experienced emotional mechanisms, creating external responses such as motor and autonomic ones. Memories are not stored in just one part of the brain. Different types are stored in different interconnected brain regions. Anxiety about mathematics is a phenomenon that comprises negative emotional reactions to situations that require the use of mathematical knowledge. It is particularly identified in the school context and is directly related to inadequate teaching experiences in this subject.

Studies have shown that at least two brain bases are involved in the emotional response of Mathematical Anxiety: the fear network and the pain network. Fear is an adaptive response to situations of danger, being expressed by the fight or flight response mediated by the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. The inappropriate expression of fear characterizes anxiety disorders.

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